Headmaster’s Welcome

Welcome form our headmaster, angus mcdonald

Wellesley Prep School celebrates life in all its fullness. This all begins with learning how to recognise character traits in oneself and then in others. Through this, positive relationships are built and maintained. We delight in diversity and take full advantage of the rich fabric woven by different views, traditions, cultures and character. Older and younger children engage each other throughout the day, gaining enormously from the nurture and encouragement of others. With countless charities supported and weekly visits to help others less fortunate than us, we sit here in this beautiful sanctuary, aware of the need to actively consider others.


Pupils and their teachers are encouraged to take risks in their learning by questioning the world around them, forming considered opinions and presenting their version of learning in a wide variety of ways. Problem solving remains at the heart of every activity, where children collaborate, research independently and debate. Through a wide and exciting range of pursuits children build resilience, an understanding of sustainability, and empathy, whether this be in our woodlands, outdoor classroom, meadows or further afield on the Wellington estate.


Excellence in all shapes and forms provides the ultimate example to younger pupils, with scholarships to some of the top secondary schools in the country, and notable achievements highlighted each week in our celebration assembly. A successful debating team, a gritty cross-country runner or a consistently thoughtful pupil all hold equal weight in this process.


I warmly invite you to come and meet the children and adults who make up our school.


Angus McDonald, Headmaster


Wellesley Prep School operates under the proprietorship and governance of Wellington Estates, The Estate Office, Stratfield Saye, Hampshire, RG7 2BT.  01256 882 694.  info@wellingtonestates.co.uk