Woodland School

Constructed in 2021, our Woodland School classroom is located in the beautiful setting of Daneshill Woods in the rolling Hampshire countryside. Surrounded by over 70 acres of woodland, the eco-friendly space is the perfect base for children to explore the local environment and learn important skills and lessons.

Heated by a wood burner and powered by solar panels, the log cabin-style classroom helps the children to connect with nature and thrive outside of the classroom setting.


Woodland School learning opportunities

Being outside has a host of benefits for children’s mental health and physical wellbeing. Connecting with nature promotes feelings of happiness, enjoyment, safety and belonging. Playing outside can also relieve stress and anxiety.

The woodland environment builds problem-solving skills, encourages creativity and teamwork, and helps develop communication skills. It fosters a sense of belonging, environmental responsibility and respect in both the children and the teachers!

Each year group from Year 3 to Year 8 has access to the woodland area to learn outdoors, explore different areas and come up with ideas to spend more time outside. Children have opportunities to do activities they may never have experienced before.


So far activities have included:

  • Design Technology and woodworking skills
  • Creating bug hotels, animal habitats, and bird boxes
  • Learning about biodiversity
  • Designing and building an exercise trail
  • Den building
  • Foraging and recycling materials
  • Campfires
  • Eco printing


Year group specific activities

Year 3: Bluebell appreciation through exploration and art

Year 4: Scavenger hunts to explore the biodiversity of the woods

Year 5: Created bug hotels and built dens for themselves

Year 6: Orienteering and team-building games

Year 7: Created a map of the woods on the cabin floor and investigated eco-printing

Year 8: Designed and built an exercise trail for the other year groups to use


Year 8 children benefit from two extended blocks of weekly sessions to experience aspects of design and technology. They practise woodworking skills by constructing bird boxes and learn about cooking from making simple popcorn to more adventurous recipes like gutting fish (sourced and supplied by Chef Joe), before cooking their food on the camp fire.

As we develop our outdoor learning provision, classes and groups of children will use both the log cabin and the woods for inspiring sessions to enhance the delivery of the curriculum.