Minibus Routes

There are a number of morning minibus routes to the school each day that are available to our pupils

These are as follows:


Minibus Route 1

Elvetham Heath: 7.10am

Crondall: 7.25am

Lord Wandsworth College: 7.45am

Odiham: 7.55am

North Warnborough: 7.58am

Hook Train Station: 8.05am

Newnham Green: 8.12am

Wellesley Prep School: 8.30am


Minibus Route 2

Tesco, Chineham: 7.20am

Mattock Way, Chineham: 7.50am

Thyme Close, Chineham: 8.00am

Buckland Terrace, Sherfield on Loddon: 8.05am

Wellesley Prep School: 8.30am 


Minibus Route 3

Popham Petrol Station: 7.25am

Basingstoke Garden Centre: 7:35am

Wellesley Prep School: 8.00am


All routes are run by experienced and reliable drivers.

Additional routes are also available but please contact or call 01256 882 707 for further information.