Science at Wellesley is all about encouraging curiosity. Great emphasis is placed upon the practical, investigative approach encouraging an enthusiastic, enquiring mind. The aim is for each child to enjoy the learning process by being inspired to think imaginatively, observe phenomena, ask questions, suggest ideas and ways of finding evidence to test their own theories. We want our pupils to use information that they learn along the way to explain and answer their own questions of the world around them.

Science is taught by class teachers from Reception up to and including Year 3. In Year 4 all lessons are taught by specialist science teachers in the new purpose built twin laboratories. This superb new facility, opened in November 2014, has assisted the enhancement of Science at Wellesley. Opening directly onto the school field we are able to take our lessons outside and use the excellent rural surroundings to observe science happening all around us.

From Years 3-6 the new 11+ syllabus is followed, however, any opportunity to expand and explore other connecting areas of science or something relevant happening in the news is encouraged. In the latter stages of Year 6 the new 13+ syllabus is covered, however, we also support many children through the scholarship process thus taking children’s knowledge in many different directions beyond the syllabus. Understanding is developed as children apply and communicate their knowledge and as topics are revisited and extended, year on year.

Practical work is not only a ‘fun’ way of learning, but also enhances children’s understanding of Science concepts. Through investigative work children learn the essential skills such as devising a fair test, using controls, analysing, interpreting, recording and communicating their results. Our children are actively able to engage in this process by earning science skills badges which are then sewn onto their lab coats. As the children move through the school they can clearly see their progression with these skills with how decorated their lab coats become.