Religious Education

Wellesley values our strong Christian foundation and caring ethos. We are delighted, however, that within the School there are children from other faiths and we welcome them into our community.

Wellesley recognises that all our pupils are capable of developing spiritually whether or not they have a religious belief. Religious Education and collective worship, therefore, have a very significant role to play by exploring religious faith and experience and by reflecting on life and belief in God respectively. We are very interested in and supportive of other world faiths and encourage questions, discussions, and shared opinions in an open and honest environment of which we are very proud. We aim to help our pupils achieve a personal awareness of the spiritual in their everyday understanding of the world and provide a wide range of experiences inside and outside the classroom to help them achieve this.

The full potential of learning Religious Education at Wellesley is established within the curriculum through a focus on philosophy and ethics, fostering and developing the core skills of analysis and evaluation and creating an environment in which the children can debate freely and openly about any number of interesting issues. These higher-level thinking skills stand them in very good stead as they head to their senior schools and beyond.