The main aim for the Physical Education department is to develop good quality performance whilst enabling each pupil to become independently active. This is achieved by providing every child with the background, skills and motivation to opt into physical activity as a lifestyle habit. Further to this it involves progression from being teacher dependent for participation and organisation to assuming responsibility for planning, carrying out and reviewing their own performance. In effect we are looking to develop competent young people who have the enthusiasm and understanding to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle well into their adult lives.

In addition to the physical aspects we very much feel that PE contributes to the whole curriculum of a child by offering an alternative context for the learning, understanding and application of language, numeracy and scientific concepts. Physical Education can also contribute to the total growth and development of all pupils. By participating, PE can have a hugely positive effect on the moral values and confidence levels of children whilst also nurturing their ability to develop working relationships, form leadership skills, function responsibly both as an individual and part of a group and come to terms with a range of emotions in a number of different situations.