Music is an integral part of life at Wellesley. All pupils receive weekly class music lessons, where they are encouraged to participate in, and enjoy, a wide range of musical styles and forms.

Music also plays a significant part in our balanced curriculum as we feel it contributes positively to a child’s social development. Whether it be the nurturing of listening skills, learning how to co-operate with others or promoting creativity we see music as a subject that benefits pupils in a broader sense and one that supports learning in other subject areas throughout the school.

In the Pre-Prep department, children are introduced to a variety of musical cultures as part of their overall curriculum. There are weekly class singing sessions as well as instrumental, percussion and listening sessions.

Ninety per cent of pupils in the Preparatory school play at least one musical instrument, receiving weekly lessons from one of our 8 visiting instrumental teachers – many of whom are professional musicians and performers in their own right. Further to this there is a Choir, an Orchestra, a String Ensemble, a Flute Group, Ukulele Group and even pupils’ own bands.

All pupils throughout the school are regularly involved in performances, which include the School Carol Service, Recitals, yearly Drama productions and performances within the local community.

We have also introduced a state-of-the-art music technology suite to the school. Considerable investment has been made in high performance work stations as well as comprehensive software packages that will give children the opportunity to compose, record and improve their all-round aural and musical theory skills.

This fantastic facility is yet further proof of the commitment to music at the school and to ensuring that each Wellesley pupil enjoys making and experiencing music in its many forms.