As Mathematics affects every area of our lives, the Maths department aims to lead the way at Wellesley, both in terms of being an academic flagship and being placed at the cutting edge of current educational thinking. Maths lessons will be creative and stimulating, and provide children with a context of where Maths fits in with “real-life”.

Our ambition is for all pupils to be able to “get” Maths, and to have the confidence to know that they can do it. We do not simply want pupils to be able to learn facts, figures and methods, rather to use and apply these processes in an efficient and accurate way. We wish for pupils to see the links between ideas, and have a feel for how Mathematics is inherent in the world around us.

All pupils will be encouraged to enjoy and explore Maths, and through this excitement will be able to acquire the skills needed to reach their potential. Children will intrinsically be using key number skills in every Maths lesson, as well as wider skills such as communication, problem-solving and organisation. Learning about shape, space and data is just as important as number fluency, and children begin to study algebra in Y6.

Children up to and including Y6 follow the Abacus scheme of work which includes class textbooks, challenge activities, group work, preps and regular tests. This provides essential continuity across the school and a clear progression between year groups. Teaching staff use Abacus as a framework; though do not rely solely on its resources.

Y7 and Y8 follow the Common Entrance syllabus, using a 2-week topic system which allows for in-depth study and wider exploration. Regular assessment allows us to track progress on the path to senior school entrance.

Pupils and staff (and parents!) benefit from using the MyMaths website, which provides opportunities for independent study and revision.

Throughout the year we provide opportunities for using Maths in a wider context, for example a topic-based field trip or an inter-house competition.