At Wellesley, it is our aim to create a stimulating and enjoyable curriculum for each and every pupil. We hope that our pupils will find the curriculum both accessible and challenging, in order to produce each pupil’s highest personal standards of attainment. We hope to instil a love of the subject, so that English becomes more than a subject but something that will grow with each pupil as they mature. It is important that English study at Wellesley embraces more than the written word, as drama, presentation work and debate are integral parts of the subject. Pupils will visit the theatre, as well as undertake specialist writing or drama-based workshops. Pupils will meet authors, poets and illustrators, in order to learn first hand how books are created.

Regardless of ability, English should be a subject enjoyed by all, as each pupil’s strengths should be nurtured. Ideally, by the end of Year 8, pupils should be fluent readers, confident speakers and articulate writers. Pupils will work beyond the Key Stage 2 curriculum, in order to make the smooth transition between the preparatory phase and the senior school curriculum.

Resources are reviewed regularly, to ensure they are meeting the needs of our pupils. When planning and revising schemes of work, teachers will take into account the individual requirements of each pupil and tailor it accordingly. So many aspects of English are about life and the preparation for life. There is no such thing as an average child: each one is unique.