Art & Design

Visual images dominate everyone’s life on a daily basis. Art and design education encourages children to explore and develop a curiosity of the world around them and it enables children to become visually literate. Through drawing we gain a deeper understanding of the environment surrounding us.

As we all see things differently, it is important that from an early age individuality is encouraged as is discussion which plays a large part in helping the children to develop their own theories, ideas and encourages respect and understanding for the work and views of others.

Drawing is fundamental and underpins all forms of art.  Pupils’ creative ability is encouraged and developed through experimentation of a wide range of media. Disciplines covered include drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking and mixed media. Elements of design will be learnt through the development of ideas, textiles and graphics.

Exploring the work of other artists, craft workers, architect and designers are also an integral part of Art and Design as it helps children develop their own ideas and ways of working, as well as developing a greater understanding of the subject. The Art department encourages the children’s learning through regular visits to galleries and exhibitions. Recent trips have seen Wellesley pupils visit the Tate Modern, The Royal Academy, Blenheim Palace and Roche Court and the local Hackwood Art Exhibition.

At Wellesley, the Art department equips each pupil with the skills to express themselves creatively, promote independent thinking and hopefully pupils will develop a love and interest for the subject and an appreciation of the vital role it plays in society as a whole.